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What is GiriGiriPHP ? GGP is an open source (GPL) OOP PHP5 codebase using singletons in its modules and it is intended to provide a very easy code for Web developers to modify and build applications on, especially concentrating on keeping ease of modification even when big and continuous modifications are added on top of it.

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Who should use GiriGiri ? GiriGiri is intended for contract Web Developers, or part time web developers, who are doing contract work for clients, and needing an easy & fast to modify codebase to build websites and apps on. It can be used for repetitive, simple installations and modifications, or, building big scale apps.

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Programming logic GiriGiri uses singletons in unique ways, and through them, reduces the need to track variables, reduces the complicity of actions modules perform. Coupled with its very strong templating system that separates code, design and language, generating page outputs become as easy as playing with lego bricks.

Details on GiriGiriPHP coding logic
What does it currently have ? It currently has a very strong and flexible permission module, a session module, a pages module, users and group modules and a user fields module as core modules. Anything additional will be released as extra modules, without bloating the code and keeping it simple. It uses mod_rewrite to write seo friendly language urls.

List of existing modules
How easy is it to use ? It is quite easy and effortless for a coder who has medium experience with PHP to use, even though it is OOP. Actually, if those who are new to PHP can easily use it, if they just grasp the simple way it works.

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How tos Important how-tos on how to do things like adding a module, adding an action to a module, tampering with the templates and placing output of an action from a module into the template. There are a few basic operations that you need to know to use this system. With that, you will be set.

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This is a demo site that is sitting on

If you would like to download GiriGiri you can do so from visiting project at sourceforge by clicking this link.

If you would like ask about it or get help, you can do so at forum section in sourceforge via this link.