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How to :
Add an action Any module folder

An action is what you request various operations from any module. Learn how you can add an action to a module below :

Adding an action

Add a module modules/ folder

A module is what keeps various groupable methods and functions, and it is self contained with its template, language files. It is the way that new functions, features added to a GiriGiri installation :

Adding a module

Add a page pages module in admin menu

Page entries provide grouping of different module actions by default and also provide serving of different static OR dynamic content from that page key when requested. They are NOT pages in the sense of CMSes. You should not use page system to publish content, but instead CMS modules you code. You can however, create static pages with it, if need be.

Adding a page

Add a template templates/ folder in installation root

Adding templates to GiriGiri is easy. Learn how to do that below.

Adding a template

Add a language languages/ folder in installation root

Learn how to add a new language to GiriGiri below.

Adding a language